Estate Recovery Program

About the Estate Recovery Program

The estate recovery program enables the commonwealth to recover from the estate of individuals who were 55 years of age or older at the time nursing facility services or home and community-based services were received. Recovery applies to Medical Assistance payments provided on or after August 15, 1994, the effective date of the Act. The commonwealth shall recover the amount of Medical Assistance paid for all nursing facility services, home and community-based services, and related hospital and prescription services.

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Estate Recovery Regulations

Estate Recovery Program Brochure

Programa de Recupercion - Folleto

Fill-in form to request a statement of a claim for estate recovery (This form is not tied to the TPL Web Portal.)

Fill-in form to request a waiver for an undue hardship incurred during the care of a decedent

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In April 2016, the Department of Human Services (DHS) launched the Third Party Liability (TPL) Web Portal, which allowed users to submit a request online.

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