ECIS Registration


What is happening?

The Department of Human Services (DHS) is moving from CIS to a different system (eCIS) for viewing client data. All business partners and their users will be required to register for access to eCIS. Registration opens Tuesday, September 3, 2019, and is a four-step process. Once a registration step is completed and approved by DHS, the next step may begin. It is important that all aspects of the registration process are completed to ensure there is no lapse in access to DHS data. We encourage you to work with your DHS program office contact(s) for more detailed information on the registration timeline.
eCISRegistration Graphic


What is a Delegated Admin?

This individual is responsible for coordinating and approving all eCIS registration requests for their organization. Each organization can have up to four Delegated Admins.


What does this mean for us?

This transition will happen in two phases. During the first phase, both CIS and eCIS will be available for use. While most data will be accessible in CIS at that time, some data will be in eCIS only. Depending on the clients you serve, you may need to use both systems until Phase 2 when all data has been migrated to eCIS and access to CIS is deactivated.

What data will be in eCIS during Phase 1?

If you are inquiring about information for an individual from one of the 11 listed counties, you will have to use eCIS beginning February 18, 2020. Client information for all other counties will remain in CIS until the migration is complete during Phase 2.
  • Bedford
  • Blair
  • Bucks
  • Chester
  • Delaware
  • Lebanon
  • Monroe
  • Lackawanna
  • Washington
  • Westmoreland
  • York

What will happen during Phase 2?

Phase 2 migration is scheduled for April 13, 2020, and will entail the final transition to the new eCIS system. On April 13, 2020, all DHS information will only be accessible in eCIS. Additional information will be provided closer to the start of Phase 2.

Next Steps

We will be emailing more detailed registration information to current Business Partner contacts in September. This information will include steps on how to register. If you have questions about this transition or registration, please contact your DHS point person.

Your organization can begin the registration process on or after September 3, 2019. Please follow guidance from your DHS program office representative regarding the registration schedule.