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* For a historical list of Developmental Program Providers prior to June 1, 2012, use the dropdown above. For current information please use the Online Developmental Programs Provider Search
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To find directory information on the type of licensed human service you are interested in, select a service from the drop-down box below and click the Go button. The default will display all listings for the whole state. You may narrow your search by selecting a Region or County, and/or entering a zip code. You may search for a specific facility name or Legal entity name. Special Characters are ignored in the search and you must enter at least four characters in order to search for a facility name or legal entity name.

You may narrow your search further by selecting a service type and typing in the name of a Legal Entity, in addition to designating a specific Region/County or zip code. The search will return all of the facilities for a specific type of service provided by the designated Legal Entity in either the Region/County or the zip code designated. Again, remember that special characters are ignored in the search and you must enter at least four characters in order to search for a facility name or legal entity name.

After clicking GO, the name of the DHS program office responsible for regulating that type of facility or agency will be displayed in the header, along with the information requested.

The directory includes the following information on each home/facility:

  • DHS licensing office region of the state in which the facility is located
  • County of location
  • Name of facility/provider
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip code
  • Licensed capacity
  • Phone number of facility
  • Business status (profit or non-profit business)
  • Current type of license the facility's legal entity/ licensee holds for the facility. It can be either Full/Regular License, which is usually 12 months in length, or Provisional Status, which usually is a six-month license.

A facility listing on this page does not indicate an endorsement or referral by the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Department of Human Services, any of its program offices or staff. It is important that consumers verify licensing information prior to engaging the services of a provider. This can be done by:

  • Visiting or calling the facility/provider and asking to see the license prior to engaging services.
  • Calling or visiting the DHS regional program office with responsibility for regulating and/or monitoring the activities of the provider/facility.