Office of Social Programs
The Office of Social Programs advises and assists the secretary of the Department of Human Services and supports the work of the department on the following issues:
  • Housing
  • School-based access
  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual assault
  • Community legal services
  • Reproductive services (including family planning and alternatives to family planning)

All of these issues fall within three programs: the DHS Housing Program, School-Based ACCESS Program, and Grant Oversight.


DHS Housing Program

The department-wide housing program plans, develops, and directs activities and policies to connect Pennsylvanians to safe, affordable, integrated, and supportive housing. Working across program offices, the program leverages internal and external resources and collaborates with all levels of government and private agencies to make housing resources and services more accessible to DHS populations. 


School-Based ACCESS Program

The School-Based ACCESS Program is operated in partnership with the Department of Education. Since 1992, the program provides an avenue for local education agencies to receive federal reimbursement through Medicaid for health-related services documented in an Individualized Education Program, rendered by qualified staff, and provided to students enrolled in Medicaid. 


Grant Oversight

The Office of Social Programs provides oversight and monitors grants to the following organizations: