Office of Medical Assistance Programs

About the Office of Medical Assistance Programs

The Office of Medical Assistance Programs administers Pennsylvania’s Medicaid program, which is the joint state and federal Medical Assistance program that provides coverage for health care for eligible Pennsylvania residents.
Local County Assistance Offices determine eligibility for Medical Assistance.
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Medical Assistance provides coverage for health care services through a fee-for-service program as well as through a managed care program that is administered by contracted Managed Care Organizations. To participate in the program, a medical provider must meet applicable national, federal and state licensing and credential requirements.
The Office of Medical Assistance Programs is also responsible for enrolling providers, processing provider claims, establishing rates and fees, contracting and monitoring of managed care organizations, and detecting and deterring provider and recipient fraud and abuse.
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Our Mission

Service - We will provide responsive, timely, and quality service to consumers and stakeholders (families, providers, advocates, employees and business partners).
Partnership - We will recognize the needs of consumers and stakeholders using open and public input and feedback processes.
Stewardship - We will be prudent and efficient in our use of public resources.
Innovation - We will seek and adopt creative solutions to improve performance.
Respect - We will value different perspectives, and appreciate the contributions of all consumers, stakeholders and employees.

Our Goals

  • Continued innovation of our operations to maintain customer service focus, promote efficiencies and leverage information technology.
  • Continued exploration of cutting-edge solutions to improve quality, outcomes and access for our customers and increase cost-effectiveness and value in our health care delivery system.
  • Continued work with other agencies to improve and promote transformational changes in the delivery of health care services.