Civil Service Jobs
* Civil Service employment information and all test announcements (job postings) will be available at For more information please click here to read a FAQ.

What is Civil Service?
Most employment within the Department of Human Services is considered civil service. Job candidates are required to participate in competitive tests in order to qualify for employment. The State Civil Service Commission (SCSC) is responsible for running these testing programs for civil service positions when there is a hiring need.

How does the new civil service application and hiring process work?
Applicants use to view and apply for open civil service and non-civil service jobs. Each job posting will say whether a job is civil service or not.

Each civil service job posting describes the hiring process used to fill the position. Some civil service positions will require applicants to take a written exam at a test center. However, job seekers are also able to apply to more civil service positions by completing an application and answering questions online.

How to Apply
Applicants interested in civil service positions must take the appropriate civil service exam in order to be considered for openings. To apply, applicants must complete a civil service application and any other materials needed for the specific job title. Your qualifications may not be reviewed until after you have taken the exam, so be certain you meet all of the requirements.

There are several types of civil service exams: written, performance, oral, and an assessment of experience and training. If you apply for a job title that requires a written exam (administered on a computer at a specific testing site), you may choose the location and date for your exam. If the job title for which you applied involves an assessment of experience and training, your application will be rated based on the information you report on your application supplement. Most applications that require an application supplement cannot be completed online. They should be mailed to the Harrisburg State Civil Service Commission with your general civil service application.

You may obtain examination announcements and other information on employment opportunities from the SCSC or from your nearest PA Job Center. For more Civil Service information visit the SCSC website.

To apply for a civil service job title, apply online at or submit a civil service application to the Harrisburg State Civil Service Commission at the following address:

Strawberry Square Complex
320 Market Street, P.O. Box 569
Harrisburg, PA 17108
(717) 783-3058

Inquiries concerning regional positions may also be referred to one of the SCSC regional offices listed below; however, only send paper applications to the Harrisburg office. Sending applications to a regional office will delay the application and hiring process.

110 N. 8th Street, Suite 503
Philadelphia, PA 19107-2412
(215) 560-2253

411 7th Ave., Room 410
Pittsburgh, PA 15219-1925
(412) 565-7666