Medical/Provider Fee Schedules and Rates

Fees Paid to Doctors and Medical Suppliers

Sometimes referred to as fee schedules and rates, these databases are a list of fees set by the department to pay doctors and suppliers who treat individuals receiving medical services and supportive care paid for by the Department of Human Services.

Please use the links below to help find the fee schedule you are interested in:

Prescription Drug Fee (searchable database) - The department's Office of Medical Assistance Programs, also referred to as Medicaid, is responsible for paying for prescription medication covered by the Medicaid program. Use this link to learn how much the department pays for specific prescription drugs.

Search the Outpatient and Dental Fee Schedule Database (searchable database)

HCSIS Services and Supports Directory - Locate services and service providers in Pennsylvania for people with intellectual disabilities, including specific services under the home and community-based waiver program. This directory does not include information on all providers but only of those that have chosen to be listed.

Provider Reimbursement

Provider Reimbursement Information - Organizations across the state provide care and support to those in need. Sometimes that care is paid for by the department in the form of a reimbursement to that organization. We call this provider reimbursements.