Resources for Developmental Programs Providers, Administrative Entities (AEs), and Supports Coordination Organizations (SCOs)

The Office of Developmental Programs Consulting System (OCS) supports the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) in providing consistent statewide training. OCS also provides local training and technical assistance to Administrative Entities (previously known as the county MH/MR agencies) to meet the needs of individuals and families who receive supports and services through their local Mental Retardation Office. OCS provides training and technical assistance that focuses on the practice of person-centered support for individuals and families. Training and technical assistance efforts adhere to the principles of Everyday Lives.

OCS maintains the website which stores helpful resources for direct service providers, Administrative Entities, and Supports Coordination Organizations. The following topics and resources can be found on this website:

  • ODP Announcements
  • ODP Informational Memos
  • ODP Informational Packets
  • ODP - DHS Priorities
  • ODP Forms
  • Bulletins
  • ODP Consulting System Contact Us
  • SC Curriculum
  • TA Resources
  • Streaming Events
  • Document Storage
  • ODP Webcasts
  • Prior Authorization Processes
  • Participant Directed Services/Financial Management Services
  • Provider Qualifications
  • Rate Setting/Provider Billing and Payment
  • Service Definitions
  • Waiver Capacity Definitions
  • Services and Supports Directory (SSD)
  • HCSIS Job Aids
  • Other Valuable Resources

The Office of Developmental Programs has three information centers found on the website. The information centers are a way for ODP to keep you up-to-date with the most current ODP resources and communications. The information centers are used by ODP to post targeted communications and resources to assist Administrative Entities, Service Providers, and Supports Coordination Organizations in keeping current with ODP priorities, business practices and communications. All of the information centers include public information that is available to all interested parties and information that requires a password before users can gain access. New information and resources will be added regularly, so check back often for updates.

The three information centers can be accessed by going to the ODP Consulting Website at and using any of the links provided on the left side of the home page under Main Menu in the box titled ODP Information Centers. Listed below is additional information pertaining to each information center.

The Office of Developmental Programs Administrative Entity Information Center (AEIC) includes information for Administrative Entities which support the Office of Developmental Programs. An Administrative Entity is a county/joinder or non-governmental entity with an agreement or contract with the Department of Human Services (DHS) to perform operational and administrative functions delegated by DHS, related to DHS' approved Consolidated and Person/Family Directed Support (P/FDS) Waivers. Users can access the AEIC by using the direct web address:

The Office of Developmental Programs Provider Information Center (PIC) includes information for Service Providers which support the Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs. Users can access the PIC by using the direct web address:

The Office of Developmental Programs Supports Coordination Organization Information Center (SCOIC) contains resources for Supports Coordination Organizations (SCOs). SCOs support the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) in coordinating services and supports for people with intellectual disabilities and their families. Users can also access the SCOIC by using the direct web address: