Health Alerts, Newsletters, and Public Notices

The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) provides regular statewide communications to Individuals and Families, Administrative Entities (AEs), Supports Coordination Organizations (SCOs) and Providers to meet the needs of individuals and families who receive supports and services through their county Intellectual Disabilities Office (also referred to as Administrative Entity).

The following list will help you understand and find the various types of communications that are developed as resources for ODP interested parties. These communications are updated frequently so they may have changed since your last visit. 

Announcements are used to publicize trainings, web casts, webinars, technical assistance, save the dates, and additions to the ODP Consulting website. This format was used to announce the introduction of the Claims Resolution Unit and their toll-free number.

Health Alerts and health spots are issued to provide ODP Providers and Supports Coordinators as well as families and individuals with valuable information to help protect against everyday health dangers and promote healthy and happier lives.

Informational Memos have been developed to clarify ODP policies or detailed use of tools such as HCSIS. These memos are primarily used to provide more detailed information than the announcements and ongoing clarification and communications regarding ODP business practices. These memos are numbered uniquely using a calendar year and a unique sequenced number starting with 001 as the first number.

Public Notices are documents, other than regulations or statements of policy, which are published in the Pennsylvania Bulletin.  Public notices are announcements which provide information to the public as required by state or federal law or regulation.  (For current Public Notices, please see Topics Related to Alerts, Newsletters, and Public Notices below).