2017 Reports


RegionCountyGenderAgeDate of 
Fatality/ Near
District Attorney
Report Link 
 Central Lancaster Male 2 years 1/1/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_010117_C
 Central Dauphin Male 2 months 1/2/217 Near Fatality  Decertified*
 Southeast Delaware Male 4 months 1/4/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_010417_SE
 Southeast Bucks Female 13 years 1/9/2017 Fatality Yes 
 Southeast Berks Female 8 months 1/10/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath1_011017_SE
 Southeast Berks Female 22 months 1/10/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_011017_SE
 Central Centre Male 12 year 1/14/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_011417_C
 Southeast Bucks Female  2 months  1/17/2017  Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath_011717_SE
 Southeast Berks  Female  2 years  1/18/2017  Fatality  No Foster_Death_011817_SE
 Northeast Luzerne Female 7 months 1/19/2017 Fatality Lifted Wills_Death_0117_NE
 Central Lancaster Male 2 years 1/20/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_012017_C
 Central Cambria Male 3 months 1/23/2017 Near Fatality Yes 
 Northeast Lackawanna Male 17 months 1/24/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_012417_NE
 Western Westmoreland Female 2 years 1/24/2017 Near Fatality Yes 
 Northeast Lehigh Female 14 months 1/30/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_013017_NE
 Central Lebanon Female 2 months 2/2/2017 Fatality No Kirkwood_Death_020217_C
 Western Allegheny Male 14 months 2/4/2017 Near Fatality  Decertified*
 Western Allegheny Female 13 months 2/5/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_020517_W
 Western Fayette Female 2 years 2/5/2017 Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath1_020517_W
 Western Allegheny Male 4 months 2/6/2017 Fatality Lifted 
 Southeast Delaware Female 3 months 2/6/2017 Fatality No Collins_Death_020617_SE
 Western Crawford Female 3 years 2/8/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_020817_W
 Western Crawford Male 14 months 2/8/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath1_020817_W
 Central Lancaster Male 3 years 2/9/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_020917_C
 Western Allegheny Male 7 months 2/10/2017 Near Fatality Yes 
 Northeast Northampton Male 12 years 2/11/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_021117_NE
 Southeast Philadelphia Male 6 months 2/12/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_021217_SE
 Central Dauphin Male 4 months 2/15/2017 Fatality No Bell_Death_021517_C
 Southeast Philadelphia Female 17 years 2/15/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_021517_SE
 Northeast Lehigh Male 3 months 2/16/2017 Fatality  Robinson-Geist_Death_021617_NE
 Northeast Lehigh Male13 years 2/16/2017 Near Fatality  NearDeath_021617_NE
 Western Indiana Male 2 years 2/16/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_021617_W
 Central Perry Male 5 months 2/18/2017 Near Fatality Yes 
 Southeast Delaware Male 3 years 2/18/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath1_021817_SE
 Southeast Philadelphia Male 4 years 2/18/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_021817_SE
 Western McKean Female 3 years 2/19/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_021917_W
 Northeast Lehigh Female 10 years 2/21/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_022117_NE
 Northeast Lackawanna Male 7 months 2/27/2017 Near Fatality Yes 
 Western Clearfield Female 2 years 2/27/2017 Fatality No Howard_Death_022717_W
 Southeast Philadelphia Female 13 years 3/3/2017 Fatality No Findlay_Death_030317_SE
 Western Fayette Male 2 months 3/3/2017 Fatality No Coleman_Death_030317_W
 Southeast Philadelphia Male 2 years 3/8/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_030817_SE
 Northeast Luzerne Female 5 years 3/10/2017 Near Fatality Yes 
 Central Lycoming Female 3 years 3/13/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_031317_C
 Western Erie Female 3 months 3/13/2017 Near Fatality Yes 
 Southeast Philadelphia Female 8 years 3/14/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_031417_SE
 Southeast Philadelphia Female 6 months 3/15/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_031517_SE
 Southeast Bucks Male 5 years 3/15/2017 Fatality No Bruno_Death_031517_SE
 Northeast Monroe Male 9 years 3/20/2017 Fatality No Robles_Death_032017_NE
 Southeast Philadelphia Male 3 months 3/20/2017 Fatality No Barratt_Death_032017_SE
 Western Butler Male 4 years 3/21/2017 Fatality Lifted Miller_Death_032117_W
 Southeast Philadelphia Male 2 years 3/24/2017 Fatality Lifted Jones-Fearon_Death_032417_SE
 Western Greene Female 11 years 3/24/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_032417_W
 Western Lawrence Male 16 months 3/27/2017 Fatality No Williams_Death_032717_W
 Central Lycoming Male 16 months 3/28/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_032817_C
 Central Lancaster Male 23 days 3/29/2017 Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath_032917_C
 Central York Male 2 months 3/31/2017 Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath_033117_C
 Western McKean Female 4 months 4/4/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_040417_W
 Western Allegheny Female 6 years 4/4/2017 Near Fatality Lifted 
 Central Mifflin Male 5 months 4/7/2017 Fatality No Vaughn_Death_040717_C
 Southeast Bucks Male 17 years 4/9/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_040917_SE
 Northeast Lehigh Male 4 months 4/9/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_040917_NE
 Central Somerset Female 11 months 4/10/2017 Fatality Yes 
 Central York Female 4 years 4/10/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_41017_C
 Northeast Schuykill Female 21 months 4/10/2017 Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath_041017_NE
 Southeast Philadelphia Male 7 months 4/11/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_041117_SE
 Northeast Monroe Male 1 month 4/13/2017 Near Fatality Lifted 
 Central Lycoming Female < 1 day 4/14/2017 Fatality Lifted Wheeler_Death_041417_C
 Central Cambria Female 3 months 4/15/2017 Near Fatality Yes 
 Northeast Luzerne Female 5 years 4/17/2017 Near Fatality Yes 
 Central York Male 5 months 4/19/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_041917_C
 Western Westmoreland Female 4 months 4/20/2017 Fatality Lifted Heffner_Death_042017
 Central York Female 4 years 4/23/2017 Fatality Lifted Walker_Death_042317_C
 Southeast Philadelphia Male 4 months 4/23/2017 Fatality No Cora_Death_042317_SE
 Central York Female 3 years 4/24/2017 Fatality Lifted Williams_Death_042417_C
 Southeast Chester Female 12 months 4/28/2017 Fatality Yes 
 Central Lebanon Male 2 years 4/28/2017 Fatality Yes Dwyer_Death_042817_C
 Central Lancaster Female 3 years 4/29/2017 Fatality Yes 
 Northeast Schuylkill Female 3 weeks 4/29/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_042917_NE
 Northeast Northampton Female 2 years 4/30/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_043017_NE
 Central Lycoming Male 9 months 4/30/2017 Fatality Yes 
 Southeast Philadelphia Male 4 years 5/3/2017 Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath_050317_SE
 Southeast Berks Male 15 months 5/9/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_050917_SE
 Western Erie Male 21 months 5/14/2017 Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath_051417_W
 Western Erie Male 12 months 5/15/2017 Fatality Yes 
 Southeast Philadelphia Female 14 years 5/16/2017 Fatality No Costello_Death_051617_SE
 Central Lancaster Female 2 years 5/17/2017Fatality Yes 
 Northeast Lehigh Female 2 weeks 5/18/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_051817_NE
 Southeast Berks Female 5 months 5/19/2017 Fatality No Guzman Lozado_Death_051817_SE
 Central Lancaster Male 3 years 5/19/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_051917_C
 Southeast Philadelphia Male 13 years 5/22/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_052217_SE
 Western Allegheny Male 1 month 5/23/2017 Near Fatality Yes 
 Central Clinton Male 3 years 5/24/2017 Fatality Lifted Gee_Death_052417_C
 Southeast Philadelphia Female 19 months 5/24/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_052417_SE
 Western Crawford Male 7 years 5/24/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_052417_W
 Southeast Philadelphia Male 1 month 5/26/2017 Fatality Lifted Braxton-Cooper_Death_052617_SE
 Southeast Berks Male 2 months 5/26/2017 Fatality No Czarnecki_Death_052617_SE
 Central Blair Male 1 month 5/29/2017 Fatality Yes 
 Northeast Lehigh Male 9 years 5/29/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_052917_NE
 Central Clinton Male 2 years 5/29/2017 Fatality Lifted Killion_Death_052917_C
 Southeast Philadelphia Female 3 years 5/29/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_052917_SE
 Southeast Philadelphia Male 2 months 5/30/2017 Fatality Yes 
 Southeast Philadelphia Female 7 years 5/31/2017 Fatality No Davis_Death_053117_SE
 Western Crawford Male 8 years 5/31/2017 Fatality No Miller_Death_053117_W
 Central Lancaster Male 5 months 6/1/2017 Near Fatality Yes 
 Southeast Philadelphia Male 5 months 6/1/2017 Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath_060117_SE
 Northeast Schuylkill Male 5 months 6/2/2017 Fatality Lifted Krause_Death_060217_NE
 Southeast Delaware Male 3 years 6/3/2017 Fatality No Williams_Death_060317_SE
 Central Blair Female 1 months 6/5/2017 Near Fatality Yes 
 Central Blair Male 2 years 6/5/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_060517_C
 Central Cumberland Male 5 years 6/6/2017 Fatality No Engle_Death_060617_C
 Western Forest Male 11 months 6/7/2017 Near Fatality Lifted 
 Central Lancaster Male 4 years 6/7/2017 Fatality Lifted N.Arnau_Death_060717_C
 Central Lancaster Female 10 years 6/7/2017 Fatality Lifted B.Arnau_Death_060717_C
 Southeast Philadelphia Male 23 months 6/7/2017 Fatality Lifted Brown_Death_060717_SE
 Central Dauphin  Male  3 years  6/12/2017  Near Fatality   Decertified*
 Southeast Chester Female 5 months 6/12/2017 Near Fatality Yes 
 Southeast Bucks Male 3 months 6/13/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_061317_SE
 Western Allegheny Male 16 years 6/15/2017 Near Fatality Lifted 
 Southeast Philadelphia Female 7 years 6/15/2017 Near Fatality  Decertified*
 Southeast Berks Male 4 Months 6/16/2017 Fatality Yes 
 Northeast Monroe Female 13 years 6/16/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_061617_NE
 Central Dauphin Female 2 years 6/18/2017 Near Fatality  Decertified*
 Northeast Monroe Male 4 years 6/19/2017 Fatality Yes 
 Southeast Bucks Female 19 months 6/19/2017 Fatality No Sawicki_Death_061917_SE
 Southeast Berks Female 1 month 6/21/2017 Fatality No Lopez_Death_062117_SE
 Northeast Lehigh Male 10 months 6/26/2017 Fatality No Ortiz_Death_062617_NE
NortheastCarbon Male 20 months 6/26/2017 Fatality No Clements_Death_062617_NE
Northeast Tioga Male 11 years 6/30/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_063017_NE
SoutheastPhiladelphia Female 3 months 7/1/2017 Fatality Lifted Scanell_Death_070117_SE
SoutheastMontgomery Female 11 months 7/3/2017 Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath_070317_SE
SoutheastPhiladelphiaFemale 9 months 7/5/2017 Near Fatality No NearDeath_070517_SE
CentralCumberland Male 4 months 7/6/2017 Fatality Yes 
SoutheastChesterMale13 years7/7/2017Near Fatality No NearDeath_070717_SE
SoutheastBucksFemale4 months7/8/2017Near Fatality No NearDeath_070817_SE
NortheastPikeMale11 years7/10/2017Fatality No Beer_Death_071017_NE
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale2 years7/11/2017Near Fatality  Decertified*
CentralLancasterMale15 monhts7/11/2017Near Fatality No NearDeath_071117_C 
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale2 years7/14/2017Fatality No Mungin-Bass_Death_071417_SE
CentralLebanonFemale10 months7/15/2017Near Fatality No NearDeath_071517_C 
CentralLancasterMale5 years7/15/2017Fatality Lifted Kershner_Death_071517_C
SoutheastBerksMale3 years7/16/2017Near Fatality No NearDeath_071617_SE 
NortheastLuzerneMale3 years7/19/2017 Fatality Yes 
WesternClearfieldFemale4 months7/21/2017Near Fatality No NearDeath_072117_W
NortheastLehighMale2 years7/22/2017Near Fatality No NearDeath_072217_NE 
NortheastLuzerneMale2 months7/24/2017Near Fatality Yes 
NortheastNorthhamptonFemale11 months7/27/2017Fatality Yes 
WesternFayetteMale4 months7/27/2017Near Fatality Yes 
NortheastLehighMale2 years7/28/2017Near Fatality No NearDeath_072817_NE
WesternMercerFemale14 months8/3/2017Near Fatality No NearDeath_080317_W
NortheastLehighMale1 month8/6/2017Near Fatality No NearDeath_080617_NE
WesternAlleghenyMale6 years8/9/2017Fatality Lifted Hoffman_Death_ 080917_W
WesternAlleghenyMale11 months8/9/2017Near Fatality Yes 
WesternAlleghenyFemale21 months8/10/2017Fatality Yes 
NortheastSchuylkillFemale13 years8/10/2017Near Fatality No NearDeath_081017_NE
CentralSomersetMale3 months8/13/2017Near Fatality No NearDeath1_081317_C
CentralLancasterFemale8 years8/13/2017Near Fatality No NearDeath_081317_C 
WesternArmstrongMale7 years8/14/2017Near Fatality No NearDeath_081417_W
WesternLawrenceMale3 years8/14/2017Fatality No Rotar_Death_081417_W 
CentralYorkMale11 months8/14/2017Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath_081417_C
SoutheastMontgomeryMale6 months8/14/2017Near Fatality Yes 
CentralAdamsMale3 weeks8/22/2017Near Fatality No NearDeath_082217_C 
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale2 years8/24/2017Near Fatality  
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale11 years8/25/2017Near Fatality No NearDeath082517_SE 
WesternBeaverFemale2 months8/28/2017Near Fatality No Ingram_Death_082817_W 
SoutheastPhiladelphiafemale12 years8/31/2017Near Fatality  
SoutheastPhiladelphiaFemale3 months8/31/2017Near Fatality Decertified*
SoutheastPhiladelphiaFemale1 month9/01/2017Fatality LiftedWashington_Death_090117_SE
SoutheastPhiladelphiaFemale22 months9/01/2017Near Fatality  
CentralMifflinMale5 months9/03/2017Fatality  
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale7 months9/04/2017Fatality Lifted 
NortheastBradfordMale1 month9/08/2017Near Fatality  NearDeath_090817_NE
CentralPerryFemale< 1 Day9/08/2017Fatality  
CentralBlairFemale14 years9/08/2017Near Fatality Yes 
WesternMercerMale2 years9/11/2017Fatality  
CentralBlairMale3 years9/13/2017Near Fatality Yes 
SoutheastPhiladelphiaFemale2 months9/14/2017Near Fatality  
CentralDauphinFemale2 months9/14/2017Near Fatality Yes 
SoutheastMontgomeryMale2 years9/15/2017Near Fatality Yes 
NortheastWyomingMale5 years9/17/2017Near Fatality  
SoutheastDelawareMale2 weeks9/18/2017Fatality  
WesternAlleghenyFemale18 months9/18/2017Near Fatality Yes 
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale18 months9/22/2017Near Fatality  
WesternButlerFemale21 months9/24/2017Near Fatality  
WesternMcKeanMale8 months9/25/2017Fatality  
CentralNorthumberlandFemale16 years9/27/2017Near Fatality  NearDeath_092717_C
NortheastLehighMale2 weeks9/28/2017Near Fatality  
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale4 years9/28/2017Near Fatality  NearDeath_092817_SE
CentralLancasterMale1 month10/01/2017Near Fatality No NearDeath_100117_C
NortheastMonroeMale17 years10/2/2017Near Fatality  NearDeath_100217_NE
WesternAlleghenyMale2 months10/2/2017Near Fatality  NearDeath_100217_W
CentralBedfordMale5 months10/2/2017Near Fatality  Decertified*
SoutheastPhiladelphiaFemale8 months10/3/2017Near Fatality  
SoutheastChesterMale2 years10/4/2017Near Fatality  
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale2 years10/5/2017Near Fatality  
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale3 months10/6/2017Fatality  
CentralLycomingMale3 years10/7/2017Near Fatality No NearDeath_100717_C 
CentralYorkMale12 months10/12/2017Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath_101217_C
NortheastLuzerneMale2 years10/14/2017Near Fatality No NearDeath_101417_NE 
SoutheastDelawareMale3 years10/19/2017Fatality  
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale3 years10/22/2017Near Fatality  
SoutheastPhiladelphiaFemale16 months10/23/2017Near Fatality  
SoutheastDelawareMale1 month10/23/2017Near Fatality  
NortheastLehighFemale3 years10/25/2017Near Fatality  NearDeath_102517_NE
NortheastLehighUnknown<1 day10/25/2017Fatality  Wilson_Death_102517_NE
NortheastLuzerneMale16 years10/26/2017Fatality Yes 
NortheastLuzerneMale12 years10/26/2017Fatality Yes 
NortheastLuzerneMale7 years10/26/2017Fatality Yes 
WesternAlleghenyFemale10 months10/27/2017Near Fatality  
SoutheastPhiladelphiaFemale7 months10/27/2017Near Fatality  
CentralDauphinFemale9 months11/1/2017Near Fatality  Decertified*
WesternWestmorelandMale1 month11/1/2017Near Fatality  
NortheastNorthamptonMale23 months11/2/2017Fatality  Blum_Death_110217_NE
SoutheastMontgomeryMale3 months11/2/2017Near Fatality  
SoutheastDelawareMale4 months11/3/2017Near Fatality  
NortheastLehighFemale17 years11/6/2017Near Fatality  
NortheastLehighMale1 month11/7/2017Near Fatality  
NortheastCarbonFemale2 years11/9/2017Near Fatality  
WesternClarionMale8 months11/10/2017Near Fatality  NearDeath_111017_W
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale2 years11/10/2017Fatality  
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale2 months11/11/2017Fatality  
CentralCambriaFemale3 months11/11/2017Near Fatality  
CentralBlairFemale11 months11/12/2017Near Fatality  
WesternErieMale3 weeks11/14/2017Fatality  
WesternAlleghenyFemale4 months11/14/2017Fatality Yes 
SoutheastDelawareFemale2 months11/14/2017Near Fatality  
WesternErieFemale10 months11/15/2017Near Fatality  
WesternAlleghenyMale1 month11/19/2017Near Fatality Yes 
SoutheastPhiladelphiaFemale3 weeks11/21/2017Near Fatality  
WesternBeaverMale4 months11/21/2017Near Fatality  
CentralColumbiaFemale3 years11/25/2017Fatality Yes 
CentralDauphinMale2 months11/26/2017Fatality Yes 
WesternLawrenceMale< 1 day11/26/2017Fatality Yes 
SoutheastPhiladelphiaFemale3 years11/26/2017Near Fatality  
SoutheastPhiladelphiaFemale17 months11/27/2017Near Fatality  
SoutheastMontgomeryMale14 years11/28/2017Near Fatality Yes 
CentralNorthumberlandFemale10 years11/28/2017Fatality  
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale2 months11/29/2017Fatality  
CentralMifflinFemale1 month12/2/2017Near Fatality  
CentralLancasterMale4 months12/3/2017Near Fatality  
WesternErieMale11 months12/5/2017Near Fatality  
NortheastMonroeMale3 months12/7/2017Near Fatality  NearDeath_120717_NE
NortheastLehighMale3 weeks12/10/2017Fatality  
NortheastLuzerneFemale9 months12/10/2017Near Fatality  
NortheastLehighMale2 years12/11/2017Near Fatality  
SoutheastPhiladelphiaFemale9 months12/11/2017Fatality  
CentralLancasterFemale1 month12/15/2017Fatality  
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale9 months12/17/2017Near Fatality  
WesternWestmorelandFemale2 years12/20/2017Near Fatality  
NortheastNorthamptonMale 3 weeks12/22/2017Near Fatality  
Central YorkFemale 14 months12/26/2017 Near Fatality  Yes 
WesternAlleghenyMale4 months12/27/2017Near Fatality Lifted 
Western Westmoreland Female16 months12/28/2017 Fatality   

 * Reports are decertified when the certifying physician confirms the report was made in error, and either a child was not in serious or critical condition or an abusive act was not suspected in causing the child’s condition. Decertified near fatalities will not have final redacted reports posted in accordance with § 6365 as these reports are considered confidential pursuant to § 6339 of the Child Protective Services Law.