Employment Services
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Illustration shows different workers. One woman has on a headset. One man is wearing construction clothes.

The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services has programs that help those receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and/or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits prepare for, find, and keep employment. While some are required to look for work in order to keep their benefits, many others voluntarily enroll in the programs. Here is what is available: 


document icon  WORK READY

WHAT IS IT? Program that provides case
management to help people prepare for
and secure employment.
WHO DOES IT SERVE? People who receive
TANF and/or SNAP benefits.
GOALS: Active participation in the program
that leads to enrollment in EARN, KEYS,
or employment. 


Money in an envelope icon  EARN

WHAT IS IT? Program assisting people with
transition from receiving public benefits to
being active members of the workforce.
WHO DOES IT SERVE? People who receive
TANF benefits.
GOALS: Job placement and retention,
credentialing, no longer needing TANF. 



certificate icon KEYS

WHAT IS IT? Collaboration with community colleges
to assist people who receive benefits with completing
certificates, degrees, and credentials.
WHO DOES IT SERVE? People who receive TANF
and/or SNAP.
GOALS: Course completion, graduation,
and employment.


woman teaching icon SNAP 50/50

WHAT IS IT? Nonprofit organizations leverage
their funding against funding from the federal
government to provide job-specific skills training.
WHO DOES IT SERVE? People who receive SNAP
GOALS: Program completion, job placement,
and job retention.